“Amy is energetic and engaging. She is able to connect with a wide range of audiences, from school children to youth, to adults alike. She is a great speaker and her positive attitude towards talking about mental health, hope and recovery embodies all the objectives of National Health Week awareness.” Rod Asbury, Chief Executive Officer, W.A. Association for Mental Health (WAAMH)

“Thanks so much for today. You were brilliant. So far nothing but positive feedback! You have a natural ability to own the room and connect with the audience. Your story was very touching, inspiring and encouraging. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are helping to change the stigma of mental health one event at a time.” Stewart McDonald, OSH Manager & Fiona Carlino, Landcorp

“Thank you for your amazing presentation in Melbourne today with the Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA) team – truly inspiring!” Belinda, Subtropical Dairy

“We really can’t speak highly enough of your presentation, both for its impact on students and staff and for the creative and thoughtful way you wove it together with our students’ drama work. The combined effect was extremely powerful and certainly merited the heartfelt feedback you received from students and the comments we’ve also received from students, staff and parents. The students were so moved by it and didn’t stop talking about it all day. There have been countless requests from them for you to come back and present to their entire cohort. As a fellow seeker of freedom for all students to be who they are, please accept my personal thanks.” Jen Fraser, Student Services Manager Years 7, 8 & 9, John Curtin College of the Arts

“After seeing Amy’s story appear in the weekend newspaper, she was invited to speak to our 380 Year 12 students during our Competency Education classes at Willetton SHS. Wow, what a presenter! She was so dynamic, on the same wavelength as our students and full of enthusiasm. The students were completely engaged in her brave story and in awe of her success with the struggles she has faced and overcome. Many students have continued to keep in touch with Amy after the presentation for continuing support, which has been fabulous. She is truly an inspirational and moving speaker and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her story cannot but leave you uplifted and motivated. Amy has spoken at Willetton for the past 4 years.” Natalie Greenham, Competency Education Teacher @ Willetton Senior High School.

Amy’s presentation was gripping and real. Our girls responded so well because someone just like them could understand where they are at and what issues they are facing. They walked away feeling so much more positive and like they could achieve anything!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend another school to have this presentation with their girls!!” Katrina Dennis, Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College

“Our Year 12 students had the great pleasure, and indeed adventure of hearing Amy speak today.  She told her audience she was going to speak from the heart, and indeed she did. Her presentation has intense emotional power and is informed by her sparkling intelligence and dynamic manner. The girls were moved and engaged for every minute. She gave them tools to identify and silence those little inner voices that question and shake their faith in their uniqueness; to quote Amy, she gave them ways to value themselves again, both ‘inside and out.’ There is a buzz among the girls and I am forwarding Amy’s email to them as they request it. Thank you again for your wonderful presentation Amy, you have great skills as a speaker. All the very best, and stay in touch.” Jenny Hetherington, Director of Career Development Presbyterian Ladies’ College 

“Amy’s energy, openness and honesty had every student (and teacher) hooked on her personal testimony of what it’s like to be trapped in negative a thought pattern and overcoming that, which was extremely powerful.  Amy was very professional in keeping to time, adjusting the content for the different age groups and the appropriate use of Powerpoint slides.  Amy also spoke at a parent evening and was very well received.” Justin Hill, Chaplain, Pinjarra Senior High School

“Amy, it was a pleasure to have you with us today as our Keynote Speaker for our Annual Conference. You have this positive, upbeat nature that is truly a gift. We have had some very positive feedback from our conference attendees of which I’ve quoted a couple below:

  • “Excellent and deeply involving.”
  • “Absolutely fantastic presentation!!! Examples given gave emphasis to Amy’s points made.”
  • “Inspirational – excellent use of personal experience very very helpful.”
  • “Beautiful life transforming presentation.”
  • “Amy is brilliant – loved her.”
  • “Too short. Could have listened to her all day”
  • “Beyond criticism, fantastic.”
  • “So inspirational.”
  • “Excellent presentation as personal stories really make an impact on any audience.”
  • “Amy – Amazing.”
  • “Very insightful.”

Melody Dexter, Liaison Officer, The School Volunteer Program”

“Amy, there is not much more I can say but THANK YOU!!!!!  You certainly touched some nerves amongst the 500 staff. Below is a couple of examples of messages for you. The ratings were primarily high. Amy, you made them think. You made a difference. Thank you for coming into our lives. Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker. I wish you all the best”

  • “You were fantastic on Friday. I have been telling others how amazing you are and they should have you come speak at their schools. Well done”
  • “Such a captivating and amazing speech on Friday, thank you so much for taking the time to share.”
  • “Fantastic and inspirational speech thank you for sharing.”
  • “Fantastic presentation this morning. Will be in touch about coming to speak to the kids at our school.”
  • “Thank you very much for speaking from the heart and opening our minds. I really gained from both the presentation and the workshop.”
  • “What an amazing presentation today. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope I get to listen to you again one day.”
  • “Was fantastic. Would have loved to listen to you all day. Thank you for having the courage to share your message.”
  • “Such a moving presentation, thank you for sharing!”
  • “You were incredible!!! Even as an adult I could relate to so much of what you were saying. Made me a bit teary!”

David Sweet, Network Executive Officer, Joondalup Learning Community

“Thanks for your Keynote presentation at our conference Amy. The Executive Assistants looooooooooooooved you! Great work!” Marie-Charlotte Rouzier, Manager Education and Training, Assistant Network Annual Conference 

“Amy I would like to once again thank you so much for being our Keynote Speaker last night. I know you were inspirational in your personhood and your encouragement to all who had the opportunity to hear you. You certainly have made a difference in their lives. You made a difference in mine too. Thank you.” Barbara, Emmanuel Centre’s Mental Health Week Open Event