I totally understand that the last thing Teens want is to sit in a boring, dry, content heavy workshop, listening to someone talk about challenging topics in a serious and heavy way. My sessions ARE NOT like that! I’ve specifically designed them to be fun, funny, inspiring, interactive and useful. The energy afterwards is positive and uplifted as I not only name a lot of the things we’re all facing; I provide real ways of dealing with them. I want people to leave feeling a little better about who they are and happier within themselves.  The music will be cranked when they walk in, the environment will be casual, warm and friendly, the session will be interactive and inclusive and I will leave them surprised and delighted by what they experience; if I don’t, you don’t pay for the session.

I am still absolutely blown away by the courage and braveness you inspired in our girls last night. I saw the light in their eyes after facing their fears and having achieved such a big feat in front of a group of almost strangers.  You were the best presenter I have had so far and the girls were the most engaged they have been all five-weeks of the program. I was blown away by your session and I think the way you break large heavy concepts of mental wellbeing down into such a great representation for young teens is incredibly impressive. I hope you always continue to do what you do and inspire people – you are changing lives”. Ashleigh Tapper, Community Development Officer – Youth, City of Armadale

Amy, all I can say is thank you. From the beginning to the end you were fun, inspiring and helped me learn so much about feeling good; thank you for really caring about us.” Year 7 

Thank you for everything you did for us Amy. I loved meeting you and I loved how you make everything so easy to understand. I’m really going to miss this each week!Year 8 

Amy, I’ve set my Gratitude Tree up in my room and I love it! It will remind me that no matter what, we always have something to be grateful for!Year 9

We get made to sit in so many of these sessions but today was the best we’ve ever had. Thank you for not being boring! I actually learnt quite a lot about my mental health. Thank you.” Year 10

Amy works with schools across Australia to present:
  • Tailored presentations for year 6 – 12 addressing the hot topics they are currently facing.
  • Inspirational presentations for whole school gatherings and graduation evenings.
  • Keynote presentations for Parents & Friends evenings.
  • Keynote presentations and interactive workshop for Staff PD days.
  • Master of Ceremonies for school functions, events and dinners.

Having worked closely with Teens, Teachers, Parents and School Psychologists for the past 10 years, Amy sheds light on the hot topics, issues & challenges teens and parents are facing in today’s society.

Amy shares personal tools, professional strategies and funny and inspiring stories to educate, inspire and empower each audience she presents to. Amy’s quick and easy tips can be easily applied and used immediately; they’re simple, they’re real and they work!

Whether you’re looking to address a specific area of concern or just looking for someone unique, inspiring, fun and engaging to speak at your school, give Amy a call or send her an email outlining what you’re looking for and she’ll work with you to ensure your session is one that is enjoyed, valued and remembered!

What is it that makes Amy and her sessions so different? click here to find out…

Some of the schools Amy has worked with:
  • Applecross Senior High School
  • Aranmore Catholic College
  • Cascade District School
  • Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon
  • Condingup District School
  • Corpus Christian College
  • Emmanuel Catholic College
  • Esperance Anglican Community Schoo
  • Esperance Primary School
  • Esperance Senior High School
  • Foundation Christian College
  • Gilmore College
  • Grass Patch District School
  • Irene McCormack Catholic College
  • John XXIII College
  • John Curtin College of the Arts
  • John Tonkin College
  • John Wollaston Anglican Community College
  • Katanning Senior High School
  • Lake King District School
  • Living Waters Lutheran College
  • Mandurah Baptist College
  • Manjimup Senior High
  • Merici College Canberra
  • Mercedes Ladies College
  • Methodist Ladies College
  • Munglinup District School
  • Narembeen District School
  • Narrogin Agricultural College
  • Narrogin Senior High School
  • Northam District High School
  • Pinjarra Senior High School
  • Presbyterian Ladies College
  • Ravensthorpe District School
  • Riverlands Montessori School
  • Salmon Gums District School
  • Scaddan District School
  • Shenton College
  • Southern River College
  • St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
  • St Joseph’s College Albany
  • St Marks Anglican Community School
  • Thornlie Catholic College
  • Tranby College
  • Westbeechboro Primary School
  • Westminster Primary School
  • Willetton Senior High School
  • Wongan Hills District High School

Your presentation was probably the most enlightening thing I have ever heard. Since that day I have stopped self harming and realised that self harm is never the answer. I am very proud of myself. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Year 8 Student

“I was one of the lucky ones today that got to listen to you! Not only was it funny and interesting, it meant a lot to me. My life has not been easy but to see someone go through the same sort of issues I am now but to see them actually make it somewhere in life brings me hope! Thank you! :) Year 9 Student

Thank you for the talk you gave us today. It was so inspirational. I did a lot of the things that you suggested and it’s helped me so much so thank you a lot.” Year 10 Student

I am in year 6 and I heard you speak today. I do self harm to myself and so does my sister who is in year 8. I just want to tell you that you changed my life and my sisters life Amy. We told our Mum and we are now seeing counsellors to help us. Thank you so so so much xxYear 6 Student

Thank you for giving one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard. You have helped so many people today and taught us so much about loving ourselves and not falling into the dark places in our mind and if we do how to get out of them. What you do for teenagers is phenomenal.Year 10.

My daughter attended your talk at her school last week. I just wanted to let you know she thought it was amazing. She could not stop telling me about it. She said it was funny, sad and an eye opener for her. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. This talk will stay with my daughter forever. As a lot of girls, my daughter has had self esteem concerns however your talk has put things into perspective for her. You are truly inspiring Amy and are doing a fantastic job. Thank you once again. Take care.Parent Year 9 Student

“I just wanted to thank you for talking to us.You were really inspirational, and I wanted you to know that you’ve honestly made an impact on my life now. When I got home I checked out e-headspace, which you mentioned, and talked to somebody there, and I literally just realized that I went all afternoon with barely any negative thoughts about myself. I just looked in the mirror and without even thinking about it, when the negative thoughts came, I fought them. I know there’s no instant cure to feeling good about yourself, but I feel like now maybe taking the steps to liking myself doesn’t seem quite so scary and daunting anymore. Your braveness and everything you’ve overcome is inspiring, and I really admire you. Thankyou for giving me hope.Year 10 Student

“You came to my school and told us about your teenage life and what you’ve learnt. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because I finally plucked up the courage to call Kids Helpline about my Depression. Thank you so much.” Year 9 Student

Thank-you for the talk you did at my school today. You really showed me that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to someone if you need help. I’ve now done that. Thank you it really helped a lot.” Year 10 Student

I feel so very privileged that I was able to see you on today. Your presentation was amazing! I loved how you made the presentation really informative as well as funny. I especially liked your ideas about food. I am a ballerina and all the time I am faced with having to have a specific body if I want to have my job. When you told us about self harm I felt so empowered to help myself as well as others. Because of you and your speech I feel like I can come to school without having to worry about what I look like :) I know that sounds silly but you have no idea how good it feels! Thank you so much for changing our livesYear 9 Student

You spoke to my year 10 group today and last week . It may seem silly, but I just wanted to say thank you! You made me realise that I won’t have problems forever, and that it’s okay to have bad days as long as I learn to pick myself up. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like everything will be okay, so thank you- for sharing your story, giving me hope, and teaching me that life won’t always be so bad!Year 10 Student