Event Support

Please find below information to assist both you and Amy in preparing for your upcoming event and session with Amy. Please feel free to use the photo and BIO on any brochures or event marketing materials.

To ensure that Amy develops a session that is aligned with your specific event and the needs of your audience, please complete the Pre-Event Questionnaire as soon as possible. Amy will then touch base with you prior to your event to discuss any final questions, concerns or requirements. In the mean time, if there is anything else you require please don’t hesitate to give Amy a call.

Audio Visual Requirements:

Amy will require the use of a projector and projector screen with the preference to plug in her own Microsoft PC or the ability to plug in a USB. She will also need access to sound or the ability to plug in her own speakers. If the venue or event requires the use of a microphone, it is Amy’s preference to use a wireless lapel mic. She prefers not to use lecterns and avoids hand held mics where possible due to her interactive presentations.