What Makes Amy Different?

Amy speaks from the heart and presents with humour, emotion and honesty no matter what service she delivers it in. She prides herself on her ability to provide the following traits everytime she connects with an audience or one on one client:

HUMOUR: Drawing on her history of acting, Amy will have the audience in outbursts of laughter.

RELATIVITY:  Amy does her research to ensure she has a real understanding of the current challenges & issues that her audience & clients are currently facing. She uses content that is relevant and useful, tailoring it to suit the audiences age, background and style.

CONNECTION: Uses stories, humour, interaction and tailored strategies to build rapport and connection understanding that without it, there will be no lasting impact made.

ENGAGEMENT: Monitors the audiences body language & therefore never allows for restlessness, disengagement and yawns to indicate sleep is on it’s way! Amy has the audience involved and feeling a big apart of the presentation as what Amy is.

TOOLS TO ASSIST: Uses personal props, visual metaphors, symbols, music and audience interaction to ensure that the messages are delivered in a way that suits all learning styles; visual, audio, kinaesthetic and auditory digital.

INSPIRATION: No matter what the topic, Amy ensures to take the audience on a journey from the moment they walk into the room, until she leaves the stage.  She inspires to truly believe that anything is possible and achievable, if you just keep taking a step forward.

STORIES: We all love being told a story & Amy understands the power of using stories to help cement learnings, deepen their understanding and create connection and engagement during a presentation.

PROFESSIONALISM: Maintains a professional manner at all times but does so in a fun & engaging way.

ONGOING SUPPORT: If the connection has been made and an audience member wants to connect further, Amy openly communicates that she is only an email or phone call away and is always happy to assist in anyway she can.