About Amy


I’ll share a bit about the ‘professional’ me and a bit about the ‘personal’ me. The rest you can hopefully get from having a look around this site.

Once you’ve had a look around, if you think I might be a fit for what you need or you’re unsure if I am, give me a call and it won’t take us long to work it out together!


I’ve been a professional presenter, facilitator and coaching practitioner for 10 years now (and feel very old writing that!) I’ve worked with clients within a range of different industries including Professionals, Senior Leaders, Farmers, Teachers, Parents and Youth.

My client base spans across Australia within the public and private sector, small business through to government departments, local councils, schools and not for profits.

I present and facilitate under the huge umbrella of Mental Health and Wellbeing however there are so many smaller topics under that umbrella that I focus on.

I have my personal story of living with and recovering from Anorexia, Depression, Self Harm and Suicidal experiences. I also have over 15 years of professional experience, skills and knowledge within the coaching and mental health industry. I’ve spoken with and along side leaders in the field of mental health and wellbeing and have spent thousands of hours learning about the best ways to teach, communicate and inspire in the area of our health and wellbeing.

What I really want you to know is that I’m not your typical presenter. I do things differently. You can check out how I’m different here

In a nutshell, I’m different because of the way that I go about teaching and communicating. I want my sessions to be fun, funny, interactive, engaging and valuable and if they’re not, you don’t pay for them. I believe that laughter is the best medicine and it really does help to have some appropriate humour when looking at ourselves and our mental health and wellbeing.


I’m a very very proud wife and mum to my Husband and 3 kids; my family is the centre of my world.

Life is very busy and very full for me right now, so I only choose to work with clients who I’m really aligned with; both in the speaking and coaching field. If I’m not the right fit for what you need, I’ll happily refer you to someone else who might be.

I’m currently training for my first 1/2 marathon and can not wait to share the learnings of that mind training experience!

I’d love to chat to you about what you’re looking for, what you need and if I’m the person to help you.

Amy  x