Amy works with schools across Australia to present:

  • Specifically tailored presentations for individual year groups addressing the hot topics they are currently facing. Click here for more information…
  • Inspirational presentations for whole school gatherings and graduation evenings.
  • Keynote presentations for Parents & Friends evenings.
  • Keynote presentations and interactive workshop for Staff PD days.
  • Master of Ceremonies for school functions, events and dinners.

Having worked closely with Teens, Teachers, Parents and Adults for the past 4 years, Amy sheds light on the hot topics, issues & challenges teens and adults are telling her they are facing in today’s society. Sharing real life tools, professional strategies and personal stories, it is Amy’s aim to educate, inspire and empower each audience she presents to. She provides insights, messages of hope as well as fun & easy tips that can be used daily to cope and achieve the most out of yourself & your life.

Whether you’re looking to address a specific area of concern or just looking for someone unique, inspiring, fun and engaging to speak at your school, give Amy a call or send her an email outlining what you’re looking for and she’ll work with you to ensure your session is one that your teens enjoy, engage with and remember!

What is it that makes Amy and her sessions so different? click here to find out…

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