Life Coaching


Amy offers a one on one professional life coaching service for adults. Amy works with adults who:

  • Feel stuck in a rut with their life, confused, paralysed by fear or their own internal blocks and need to get out of their head, excuses, doubts and into their heart so they can be the person they desire to be.
  • Have a specific goal they are working towards.
  • Are starting their own business and filled with fear & doubt.
  • Want to improve their confidence, self esteem and self image.
  • Want to improve their mental health and wellbeing to improve the quality of their life.

Please contact Amy here to discuss your specific circumstances and how she can assist to help you move forward.


From Amy’s personal experience, no matter how much love you have from your parents, siblings or friends, at certain times in your life there can be no one more beneficial than someone who sits outside your square. They’re removed for your life and they are completely free of judgement and opinions towards everything and anyone. Amy grew up in a family that surrounded her by love and support yet she used to call Kids Help Line and talk with them about some of the thoughts going through her head because of that very reason; Amy needed someone who didn’t know her, her life, her family or friends.

Option 1: Complimentary Mentoring 

Amy has developed a complimentary mentoring program because she can see the need; this involves an initial chat followed by a catch up every couple of months either over the phone or face to face.

Option 2: Professional Life Coaching

Amy offers more regular support and professional coaching for youth that involves meeting face to face or phone sessions once a week or on a fortnightly basis. Please contact Amy direct to discuss your child’s specific needs and challenges and what Amy can offer to assist.