Your Body is Part of Your Story. It is Enough. You Are Enough.

When looking just at the size of your arm or leg, when focusing solely on your boobs or bum, when focusing in on the details of your skin; the pigmentation, wrinkles, pimples or spots that have appeared, you’re staring too close that you can’t help but see imperfection.

Step back slightly and see yourself as a whole; a whole human being who is experiencing this life with all its ups, downs and all-arounds. Moments of joy as well as understanding the pain associated with moments of hardship. When you look at your body as your container that is holding your entire life together, your perception can not help but shift.

Your body is doing its best to look after you. It is working day and night to keep you alive and to ensure each breath is taken with no thought or effort; just ease and flow. It is ensuring your heart is pumping, your organs are working and that you are living this one and only life.

There is a story behind every single part of your body. Every wrinkle has a story to tell. Every line was formed for a reason and every mark, scar and blemish represents a certain moment, a memory that makes up your life.

Your body is part of your story. A journey. A life that is being lived and experienced; ups, downs and all-arounds.

Your body is enough. You are enough; exactly as you are. If you don’t see it within your reflection, give yourself permission to feel it within your heart!

Here’s to being real, to living real and to honouring our bodies that each have a different story to tell and an individual life they have lived. Here’s to embracing the whole of who we are – the good, the bad and the perceived ugly.